Asparagus makes my pee smell. I just know it and so I’m going to experiment to show that’s it’s true.

Recently, I’ve developed a want for a higher end automatic watch.
Which is probably an awful habit and that I should not get in to.
And it’s not that I don’t like quartz, there’s just something about automatics that lure me to them.
Seeing as their prices can go above my life savings, I’m made to seek out one of the smaller names such as Frederique Constant or Tissot. 
Maybe one day I can afford a PP or JLC watch.
For the ones under $1000, I think the FC-303MC4P6 and T41.1.423.33 are really simple and pretty. All the ones with the most beautiful designs are currently out of my price range. 

I’m going to avoid other people’s problems now. There’s no reason for me to know nor get involved unless they ask in which case they will owe me their life.

If I ever help you, then it means you’re going to die for me one day. 
Because there isn’t anything else I need from you.
And all favors are repaid, it’s karma.

Everything bores me right now.

This is why I’m so fascinated by addiction.

When people say they’ll try, I expect them to do it because I never ask others to do the impossible. I only ask myself to do the impossible.

If you have to think about something, don’t don’t do it. Anything worth doing isn’t something you have to think about.

I had an awful headache yesterday. Might have been the start of a fever since I was getting sweaty. I took some aspirin and slept for 13 hours. There’s still a bit of ache left but it’s not so bad anymore. The only problem is I didn’t get to shower or change clothes before I left for work again

Anonymous asked: I am a person that suffers from sitting next to a very "shiny/handsome/pretty boy". What should I do to ease that anxiety? At this rate I feel like I'm going to die of suffocation, but I also don't want to move my seat.But a part of my mind tells me that he sat there next to me on purpose, but that can also be a delusion.

Well, the only way to ease the anxiety is to get to know the person, so talk to them. Once you do, they won’t feel so shiny anymore. No human is particularly radiant. If it was me sitting next to pretty boy, I’d go “hey, your face is kind of good looking, it pisses me off.”

I put on moisturizer for the first time in about half a year. This feeling that I dislike. And I don’t like wearing my glasses when I have it on so I can’t see.

At times, I lose myself for too long inside my mind.
When I regain some consciousness, I quickly pull myself out, in the chance that I might become forever lost in them.

Ah, I really want to eat short beef ribs right now.

Threats are for children, not for me.
If you cannot be good, be the least bad you can be.